September 29, 2014

Hello from the South,

I finished Book #3 for release  in September 2014:
"NO Bathing Suits Required!..
A Personal Collection of Wit, Southern Charm and Good Old-Fashioned Hissy Fits!"

In my usual, humorous good taste of course. I feel like at this stage of the game, you've gotta have a title that will grab you and maybe puzzle you a little. Inquiring minds always wanna know!

My grandma, "Nanny" was a very cantankerous Southern woman and I have introduced her to you a little along the way. She was funny as heck, said exactly what she pleased, and gave me some of the greatest gifts of wisdom. 

You might like the book, you might not! But all books are a reflection of the's just like picking out one has the same taste, likes or dislikes.

I hope you will pick up a copy when it comes out in print...or better yet, fill up your Kindle Book. Let me know what you think.

Have a great is a gift you know...and so is the adventure of reading. I write what I like...say what I think, to make you smile or just flat out laugh until you cry...and if I've done that...I feel like I have truly succeeded!

Laugh and lot and always,