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 I get email from different people from all over...and I answer every one of them. I love to hear from people all over the US, and especially from Canada and the United Kingdom. I get a lot of traffic from people outside the US.

I love to speak to groups such as book clubs, women's' groups, writers' groups, libraries, church groups, charities, or any group that is interested in writing. Just send me an email...I'll try my best to make it work.  

Thank you for all of your support! I appreciate any and all of your comments. It helps me to be a better writer and to give the audience what it wants. 

My books are on and in the stores in Horry/Florence and Charleston Counties in South Carolina. They are available in Nookbook and Kindle, paperback and hardback. They are also available on Amazon. com, and all major literary websites. Both Barnes and Noble and Amazon have a "See Inside" feature, and will allow you to read a little of the book before you decide to purchase. And I hope you do!

Have a wonderful and blessed day! Keep smiling and finding things to laugh about. It's a a blessing you know...


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